Two girls and a boy sit inside a small hole in rock face

Our Fellowship for the Trip to Mordor

Two girls and a boy sit inside a small hole in rock faceThe first leg of our journey is the The Shire: 145 miles from the Shire to the gates of Bree.  Since this journey is set in a fictional world, we decided we would endeavor to walk, as much as possible, in locations similar to the places Frodo and Sam traveled through in the books.  The Conqueror Virtual Challenge is set in the world of the Lord of the Rings movies, and so the stories and post cards skip most of the time period between Bilbo’s departure from the Shire and Tom Bombadil.   We want to incorporate these details from the book as much as possible.  

We have decided to take the long route for this challenge.  All 1,815 miles.  We expect that it will take us most of the year to finish.  We used my husband’s old copy of The Atlas of Middle Earth to help fill in some of the longer gaps between milestones in our app. 

For now, its time to introduce our Fellowship.  Each of our family members will be critical to the success of our challenge over the next year.  We have decided to track the mileage of only one family member at a time, though part of the journey will be completed with more than one fellowship members present.  Please visit our About Us page for more information on the individual members of our Fellowship. 

Meet the fellowship

The Fellowship of the Ring:

  • Cord
  • Amber
  • The Little Hobbits: Our three children, currently 12, 10, and 2
  • Merlin: My service dog

a light golden retriever in his service dog harness

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