The Overland Hotel – Staying in the Most Haunted Hotel Room

Stairway leading to the hotel rooms of The Overland HotelAround this time last year, we visited the haunted Overland Hotel in Pioche, NV.  We were not able to stay in room 10.  Which is allegedly the most haunted room in the hotel.  However, we had a great time and decided to visit again.  This time, we were able to reserve room 10 and we are so excited for our upcoming trip!

We are going prepared this time.  We purchased this ouija board and this ghost hunting kit from Amazon for our trip.  The kids are very excited to use them.  So far they’ve divied up the dowsing rods and scrying crystal.  Cord really wanted to keep the coin, but decided to give it to my nephew.

To prepare for our trip, we’ve been watching lots of ghost investigations on Youtube.  The Overland Hotel has been featured in Ghost Adventures and Dining With Death.  My kids watched this one by The Haunted Side-Paranormal Investigations on an hour long zoom call with our nephew.  That one had them pretty freaked out, but they were begging to stay in room 10.

The Overland Hotel is currently owned by Ron and Candice Mortenson.  The original Overland Hotel was built in 1863, well over a hundred years ago.  It burned to the ground in 1947 in a fire that destroyed a third of the town.  A year later, the Overland Hotel was rebuilt.  Over the years, parts of the building have been used as a grocery store, bowling alley, doctors offices, and a coffee shop.

Disabled travelers should take note: the hotel rooms are located on the second floor and there is no elevator.  They do not have any wheel chair accessible rooms.  However, they do offer pet friendly rooms and were wonderful about my service dog when we called to make our reservation.  If you are nervous about ghosts, they do offer “activity free” accommodations as well.

We are very excited about this trip!  If you’ve stayed in a haunted hotel before, tell us about your experience below.  Don’t forget to check back soon for updates on our trip!

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